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The Committees

The following are the Committees that will be simulated at GSUMUN Fall 2023. These will be divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Committees and detailed information can be found on the Committees page of this website.

General Assembly First Committee

Director: TBD

General Assembly Third Committee

Director: TBD


Director: TBD


Director: TBD


Director: TBD


Director: TBD

Security Council

Director: TBD


Conference Theme

Guest Speaker




GSUMUN Faculty Advisor

Dr. Syed Rashid Naim

Dr. S. Rashid Naim is a Principal Senior Lecturer in the Political Science Department. Dr. Naim was born and brought up in India. He earned his undergraduate degree in history with honors from the Aligarh Muslim University in India, a Master’s degree in International Studies from the Jawaharlal Nehru University in India. He also earned another Masters in International Relations from the Australian National University and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Naim has taught and held research positions at the Centre for Islamic Studies at Oxford University in the UK, at the University of California Santa Cruz, and Union College in upstate New York. He has been with the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University since 1993. Dr. Naim’s areas of research and specialization are International Relations, religion and politics, Middle East politics, international relations of the Middle East, South Asian politics and Nuclear Proliferation. He is also a consultant on matters pertaining to Islam, the Middle East and South Asia.


Alexandra Sandeva


Samiah Rahman


Kaylee Owens

Crisis Coordinator

Zariah Williams

Under Secretary-General of Editing Suite

Farhan Soomro

Assistant Secretary-General

Rediet Mulugeta

Assistant Secretary-General

Sanjana Dhabbala

Deputy Director-General

Masada Combs

Deputy Director-General


Rohit Sadarangani


Department Head: Secretariat

Secretary-General, 2017

Ebenezer Eyasu


Assistant Secretary-General, 2017

Assistant Secretary-General, 2022

Noor Al-Baghdadi


Secretary-General, 2023

Director, 2022

Georgia Premoli


Secretary-General, Fall 2023

Ian Fowler

Vice Chairperson

Department Head: Directorate

Deputy Director-General 2017

Xan-Rhea Bilal


Director-General, 2017

Assistant Secretary-General, 2016

Tristan Fernandes


Director-General, 2022

Assistant Secretary-General, 2018

James Leung

Department Head: Core Services

USG of Conference Services, 2014

USG of Conference Services, 2013

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Below are the attendance numbers for our conference in relation to maximum capacity for the last four years


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Every effort has been made to provide you with the most accurate information on this website. If you need further assistance, or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Secretary-General of the conference at sg@gsumun.org