Position Papers due October 25th 11:59pm

Your Dais

Nashra Khan


Junaid Mohammed

Assistant Director


Assistant Director



About Your Dais

  • Nashra Khan will be your Director for UNIDO. Mr. Khan recently graduated from Georgia State with his degree in economics. He plans on pursuing a career in elevator sales and mechanics. Mr. Khan has been on the GSU Model United Nations team for 5 years. When he is not working, Mr. Khan is striving to become an amateur cricket umpire and hopes to get his own shoe deal with an athletic attire company. An avid fan of the Bangladesh Tigers cricket team, Mr. Khan hopes his team will actually win a cricket tournament in his lifetime. Mr. Khan is excited to see how the delegates have prepared for committee and hopes to see well-written resolutions.

  • Junaid Mohammed will be your Assistant Director for UN Women. Mr. Mohammed is almost a junior here at Georgia State where he studies nursing. He plans to pursue a career as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and become a practicing Doula. Mr. Mohammed has been on the Model UN team at GSU for one year. When he is not in class or volunteering in the Children’s Hospital, he participates in extreme ironing, crocheting socks for homeless opossums, and hiking. He looks forward to meeting every one of the delegates and hopes to see creative resolutions and problem-solving.

  • Committee Details

    Type: 2 Delegates/Delegation
    Size: 193 Member States
    Level: Intermediate
    Director: Nashra Khan
    Assistant Director: Junaid Mohammed
    Assistant Director: TBD
    Rapporteur: TBD
    eMail: gsu.unido2019@gmail.com

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