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Conference Registration

Please read Committee descriptions and the Registration Pointers below before filling out the Application

Registration Pointers

  • Countries will be assigned at the discretion of the Director General keeping in mind your country preferences.
  • While we will do our best to accommodate your preferences, please keep in mind that it may not be possible that your delegation will be assigned your first preference.
  • The Director-General assigns countries based upon preferences listed at the time of registration and the size of each delegation.
  • Schools may not represent more than one country that is a member of the Security Council or countries within close geographic proximity (e.g. India and Pakistan).
  • During initial registration, we reserve the right to balance Security Council powers.
  • No school will be allowed to represent the same Permanent Five Member-State two consecutive years in a row.
  • After registering for the conference on the GSUMUN website, your school will receive a confirmation email with an attached invoice.
  • The payment process will be included in the email alongside the invoice.
  • The invoice will include the delegation registration fees (due immediately & required to receive assignment) & the delegate fees for the number of delegates registered.
  • A $50 Late Registration Fee (per delegation) will be included on the invoice.
  • Delegations may be dropped for non-payment by October 10, 2017
  • This will allow your delegates to spend more time working during the lunch hour
  • The boxed lunch will include a sandwich, a side item, a cookie, and a bottle of water
  • Please indicate on your registration form if you would like boxed lunch, and how many boxes your delegation will need.
  • The per delegate dues for this conference will be $35 per delegate. This is in addition to the standard $50 registration fee per delegation.
  • These dues listed here do not include the optional boxed lunch.
  • The first round of delegation assignments will not be released until the conference reaches 25% of capacity, except at the discretion of the Secretary-General. Upon the receipt of this e-mail, school representatives must confirm the acceptance of their given country assignments. Once the delegate count is confirmed, outstanding balances and delegate fees must be paid in full no later than October 23rd to participate in the conference. Upon the acceptance of a given country assignment, schools assume the financial responsibility for the minimum number of delegates required for the country assignment and will be billed accordingly. The minimum number of delegates is defined as the number of delegates necessary in order to have at least one representative for the country present in each committee that it is a member. Refunds will not be given for bringing less than the minimum number of delegates. You may bring up to each delegation鈥檚 maximum capacity, and be billed accordingly. To double-check the minimum and maximum number of delegates, please refer to the delegation matrix or e-mail the Secretary-General.
  • In rare occasions, schools may find that they are unable to attend the conference due to extreme circumstances. In such cases, a written letter providing a detailed explanation of the situation must be submitted to the Secretary-General prior to opening ceremonies of the GSUMUN conference. The GSUMUN Secretariat will evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis. All decisions are final. If your appeal is denied, your institution remains financially liable for all fees assessed. If you have questions regarding the appeal process, please contact the Secretary-General.
  • GSUMUN2019 will be our largest conference ever!

    Registration Application


    Cancellations and Important Dates

    Cancel on or before October 5, you lose
    Cancel on or before October 15, you lose
    Payment Deadline for Registration
    October 10, 2017
    Deadline for delegate changes without penalty
    October 14, 2017
    Last day to cancel and receive 50% refund
    October 14, 2017

    Directors at Large

    Zachary McKoon


    Chakier Francis


    Siraj Pirzada


    Steven Holden