Position Papers Due October 31, 2023

About the CSW

Your Dais

Masada Combs


Rediet Mulugeta


Noelle Mendoza

Assistant Director



About Your Dais

  • Masada Combs will be your co-Director for the CSW. This is Masada's third semester on GSU's Model UN team. She is a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Law and Society concentration.

  • Rediet Mulugeta will be your co-Director for the CSW. Rediet has been doing Model United Nations for four years now but this is her first semester with GSUMUN. She is a freshman Political science major with a concentration in International Affairs as well as a Journalism minor.

  • Noelle Mendoza will be your Assistant Director for the CSW. Noelle is a Junior and is majoring in Global Studies.

  • Committee Details

    Type: 2 Delegates/Delegation
    Size: 193 Member States
    Level: Novice
    Co-Director: Masada Combs
    Co-Director: Rediet Mulugeta
    Assistant Director: Noelle Mendoza
    Rapporteur: TBD

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