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Position Papers due October 25th 11:59pm

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Eden Cox


Mahak Singh

Assistant Director

Yanet Berakhi

Assistant Director

Sulekha Said


About Your Dais

  • Eden Cox will be your Director for UN Women. Ms. Cox is a second-year student studying Neuroscience at Georgia State University. This is her second year on the Model UN Team at GSU. Her hobbies include eating at Taco Bell, jet ski riding, and soccer. Ms. Cox aspires to be the first person to eat at every Taco Bell establishment in the world. In committee, she expects delegates to bring forth their most creative and innovative solutions to the global issue

  • Mahak Singh will be your Assistant Director for UN Women. Ms. Singh is a 3rd Year Business Economics Major and Political Science Minor. This is her 2nd year on the team. She loves reading and working out. In committee, Mahak hopes to enlighten the young minds that will be participating in the conference this year and she also wants everyone to thoroughly enjoy the topics being discussed.

  • Yanet Berakhi will be your Assistant Director for UN Women. Ms. Berakhi is a sophomore and is majoring in Economics. She is not so sure about what she wants to do with her career, but she definitely strives to help people in a larger scale. In the meantime she is considering pursuing a career in selling clown cars. She has been a part of the MUN life for one semester. If she is not in school or studying, she is painting, journaling, watching hours of youtube videos, or hanging out with friends. She excited to see all the different types of ideas that people will present in committee.
  • Committee Details

    Type: 2 Delegates/Delegation
    Size: 193 Member States
    Level: Intermediate
    Director: Eden Cox
    Assistant Director: Mahak Singh
    Assistant Director: Yanet Berakhi
    Rapporteur: Sulekha Said
    eMail: unw.gsumun19@gmail.com

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