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Position Papers due October 25th 11:59pm

Your Dais

Sloane Hardin


Mikaila Keel

Assistant Director

Alexis Lopez

Assistant Director

Kelsi Quick


About Your Dais

  • Sloane Hardin will be your Director for the Security Council. Ms. Hardin is a junior political science major with a Spanish minor. This semester marks her third year on the Georgia State Model UN team, but she participated in GSUMUN as a delegate throughout high school. Outside of class, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places, hand-making costumes, and playing tabletop and video games with friends. She expects committee to be competitive but fun, and she looks forward to hearing the unique solutions each delegation brings to the table.

  • Mikaila Keel will be your Assistant Director for the Security Council. Ms. Keel is currently in her third year studying journalism and political science at Georgia State University. This is her second year on the Model UN team, and she's excited for more. When she's not researching extremely specific foreign policy for conferences, Ms. Keel plays video and tabletop games, spends hours creating complex costumes, and experiments with baking and cooking at home. Mikaila expects collaborative solutions from the delegates in committee. The issues at hand are not easily solved, therefore Mikaila expects to see cooperative and creative delegates.

  • Alexis Lopez will be your Assistant Director for the Security Council. Ms. Lopez is a third year student at Georgia State and is studying to become an international human rights attorney and doing work with the United Nations. Additionally, Ms. Lopez would like to run for office some day. When I’m not in class she likes to knit, go to the movies, and visit festivals around Atlanta. This is her first year doing Model UN and she is very excited to work with her committee.
  • Committee Details

    Type: 1 Delegate/Delegation
    Size: 15 Member States
    Level: Intermediate
    Director: Sloane Hardin
    Assistant Director: Mikaila Keel
    Assistant Director: Alexis Lopez
    Rapporteur: Kelsi Quick
    eMail: sc.gsumun19@gmail.com

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