Position Papers are due October 10th, at 11:59pm. Please group your Position Papers in a folder by delegation and email them to sg@gsumun.org

Committee Overview

About Your Dais

Assiatou Diallo - Co-Director

Assiatou Diallo is currently a Senior at Georgia State University and will be your Co-Director for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Kevin Remy - Co-Director

Kevin Remy will be your Co-Director for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Mr. Remy is a fourth year at Georgia State University studying Political Science-Concentration in International Affairs. He will be commissioning as a second lieutenant in the United States Army upon graduating with his undergraduate degree in 2018, and plans on starting his master’s in urban planning. He looks forward to serving as the Co-Director of the committee and looks forward to hearing innovative solutions to the topics that will be discussed.

Eric Edmonson - Assistant Director

Eric Edmonson is a Sophomore at Georgia State University and a first-time Model United Nations participant. He is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law, with later plans to attend Georgia State's Law School. Due to his participation in high school AP classes and his coordination with his Honor's College Advisor, Eric is on track to graduate a semester early and complete law school in two years instead of three. He has a general interest in politics, both domestic and international, and is primarily concerned with combating authoritarianism and maintaining individual rights and liberties around the globe. In his free time, he occasionally visits his family and helps his father around the family law firm or spends time with his friends. Eric looks forward to seeing innovative solutions being discussed in OPCW at GSUMUN.

About Your Committee

Type: 2 Delegate/Delegation
Full Size: 190 Member States
Expected Size: 100 Member States
Level: Novice
Director: Assiatou Diallo
Director: Sanita Dubica
Assistant Director: Eric Edmonson
Rapporteur: TBD
# of Topics: 2
Email: opcw17gsumun@gmail.com

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