Position Papers are due October 10th, at 11:59pm. Please group your Position Papers in a folder by delegation and email them to sg@gsumun.org

Committee Overview

About Your Dais

Tristan Fernandes - Director

Tristan Fernandes is currently a Senior at Georgia State University working on his Bachelors in Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs. He plans to go back to GSU for his Masters in Public Administration (MPA) to go along with the nonprofit he has started up with his colleagues. Tristan is especially interested in issues dealing with sustainable development, education, and encouraging the youth to get involved with politics. So far Tristan has been to 5 MUN conferences, his favorite of which was the Japan conference where he and his partner won Outstanding Delegate in ECOSOC and the team won Outstanding Delegation as the United States of America. Tristan is excited to see returning delegates to GSUMUN as well as many new faces in what will be his last GSUMUN as a Director. He looks forward to interesting and innovative solutions from the delegates of the General Assembly Plenary.

Carolina Mauersberg - Assistant Director

Carolina Mauersberg is a senior at Georgia State University working on a Bachelor of the Arts in a double major of Anthropology and Political Science and a minor in Spanish. She hopes to become a Marshall Scholar and work towards a master’s degree in public health. Carolina is also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha Women’s Fraternity and the Latin American Student Association. In her free time, Carolina enjoys traveling and trying new foods. Carolina has participated in five Model UN conferences, her favorite one taking place in Kobe, Japan. This is her third GSMUN conference and her favorite committee thus far has been GA First. Carolina is affectionately called the "Little Champion" by her GSUMUN teammates. She is looking forward to the hard work and ideas delegates will be putting forth in committee.

Michael Atz - Assistant Director

Michael Atz is currently a Junior at Georgia State University working on his bachelors in Managerial Sciences. He plans on using the knowledge gained at Georgia States University to lead international projects. In his free time, Mr. Atz enjoys playing with cars and being on the water. He is looking forward to working with his fellow teammates to assist the committee in creating innovative solutions in the General Assembly Plenary.

About Your Committee

Type: 2 Delegate/Delegation
Full Size: 194 Member States
Expected Size: 100 Member States
Level: Intermediate
Director: Tristan Fernandes
Assistant Director: Carolina Mauersberg
Assistant Director: Michael Atz
Rapporteur: TBD
# of Topics: 3
Email: gaplen17gsumun@gmail.com

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