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Mitigating the impact of humanitarian crises.

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GSUMUN Secretariat

Sonia Qureshi


Mikaila Keel


Itzayana Juarez

DSG of Conference Services

Austin Wolfschlag

Chief of Security

Fatima Ahmad

Assistant Secretary-General

Soorian Padmanabhan

Deputy Director-General

Rannah Ansari

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Under Director-General

Advisory Board

Syed Rashid Naim

GSUMUN Faculty Advisor

Robert Christopher

Chief of Staff, 2017

Ian Fowler

Deputy Director-General, 2017

Scott Leavitt

Deputy Director-General, 2016

James Leung

USG of Conference Services, 2014

Kaycie Pitts

Secretary-General, 2019

Rohit Sadarangani

Secretary-General, 2017

Micaela Siraj

Secretary-General, 2015

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Georgia State University Model United Nations Conference 2019

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